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Magic Wand Package

Perfect for ages 5 and up

Adult supervision must be provided 

for children under 12 years of age


Package includes:
Super fun lady who sets everything up and then CLEANS everything up

                      plus helps to create the wands


* Wands made of wood dowling and a selection of faux gemstones
* Tempera paints, brushes, bling and ribbons, gauze butterflies
* Glue guns, regular and glitter glues

$60 Base price +
$10 per wand for up to 6 guests
Arrangements can be made for additional guests

Add Face Painting, Henna
and Glitter Tattoos for only $75

up to 8 guests!!! 

Each additional guest, $10 each.

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Travel time may be added at time of booking

Contact us to book yours now!


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