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The owner of The Fairy Hut

has been creating works of art since she was a small girl.

As the daughter of a military man, she traveled to many different and unique places

throughout the world. She learned of creatures such as trolls from Norway, and bunyips from Australia.

She loves nature and the magic that can be found within it's foliage. 
The Fairy Hut was a dream that began while trekking through the gorgeous wilds of British Columbia with her partner. Everywhere they looked, they saw what could have been the homes of wee folk. The sparkle of dew on lush moss. The gurgling melody of a hidden creek as it tumbled over well worn stones. They decided to start a business

where they could share the beauty they saw. 
Thus The Fairy Hut was born.
We offer a truly whimsical experience that has to be enjoyed first hand

to be fully appreciated.

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