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 Indoor Fantasy Garden

Introducing the perfect way to garden!!!  No bending over, no weeding, no worrying about putting them to bed for the winter. Just unique bowls of worlds where fantasy comes to play.    The Fairy Hut provides everything you need to make a sweet garden that the wee folk will be sure to check out. 

Workshops typically take about 1.5 - 2  hours

Please call us at 403-813-1585 to reserve your group now! 

In Person Workshop

1 - 4 guests

$60 per plastic bowl garden

$65 per glass bowl garden

5 - 10 guests

$40 per plastic bowl garden

$45 per glass bowl garden

Kits available

on their own.

$40 per plastic bowl kit

$45 per glass bowl kit 

Pick up only

(NW Calgary)


VIRTUAL OPTION:  Knowledgeable and fun facilitator who assembles kits, then virtually walks you through the process of creating the garden

IN PERSON OPTION: Same fun, knowledgeable facilitator who can either come to you or arrange both indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) venues.  She sets everything up, guides you through the process giving little hints and bits of creative advice and then cleans everything up.  You walk away with gorgeous indoor gardens and great memories!


* Individual written instructions for the creation and care of the gardens

*1 glass or plastic vessel and one 4" tropical plant per guest

* Drainage layer and rich potting soil

* Driftwood, moss, decorative rocks and pebbles, coloured gravels, glass beads and more!


We also carry lots of figurines from which to select starting as low as $1. 

Add them to the gardens and make them the most magical of spaces!

Virtual workshops are limited to 3 "cameras" 

Please call for more information.

Call 403-813-1585

Virtual Workshop

$100 +

$30 per plastic bowl garden 

$35 per glass bowl garden 

Contact us to book yours now!


Or click here to


A travel surcharge MAY be added for in-home parties.

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