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Tree of Life Sculpture

   Some call them Feng Shui trees, some call them money trees.  We prefer to simply call them fun.  Take an hour or 2 out of your day to learn this simple technique.  These little beauties are very forgiving and perfect for people who struggle with artistic abilities.  They turn out beautifully no matter what your skill level!

Want to host a workshop? 

 We offer private classes in local cafe's and can even come to your home!

Up to 10 people / workshop
Ages 8 and up

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult Please call us at 403-813-1585 to book your spot now!

Beginner Skill Level

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Class includes choice of:

* Pre-cut wire (different colours)

* Decorative base rocks 

* Selection of pre-packaged gem stones 

* A charm to make it magical

$35 + tax / tree

You get to take the tree home!

Ask about our special pricing for group packages!

Travel time may be added at time of booking

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