Team Building Activities

Want to get your teams creative juices flowing or do something fun to welcome them back to work? Come find inspiration by learning to create unique bowls of worlds where imagination abounds!

Fantasy Bowls

The Fairy Hut provides everything you need to make indoor gardens and our technique is proven to help people feel

creative, confident and accomplished.

Workshops typically take about 1.5 - 2  hours

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 Virtual workshops are not available for team building

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Maybe your creative side leans more towards gemstones.  These Tree of Life sculptures and wall hangings bring everyone together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  They look complicated but once you know the technique, they are easy. 

Kind of like life.




The Fairy Hut provides everything you need to make these unique trees and our workshop can help to unblock even the most steadfast of slumps.

Workshops typically take about 2 hours

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to book your event now! 



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